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Modular Town Ruins

Modular Town Ruins

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Modular Town Ruins

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The Modular Town Ruins are an extensive set of ruin sections.  The ruins are based on PrincipleScenery's French House Ruins so are compatible with their existing French buildings.  Each piece is designed to be configured as a corner ruin using 'OpenLOCK' clips.  These pieces can be combined into different configurations.
Each piece has an A and B Section.  The 32 pieces in the set therefore create 16 corners which are designed to be mixed and matched.
We also include with each set a bag of 100 appropriate scale 'OpenLOCK' clips.
We supply this set in the following scales:  10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, and 54mm.   The layer print resolutions for the variants is:-

- 10mm = 70 microns

- 15mm = 100 microns

- 20mm =150 microns

- 28mm / 32mm / 40mm = 200 microns

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This model may require construction and is supplied unpainted.

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