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40Kw Generator

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40Kw Generator

This Generator is designed as part of the satellite installation system.  They also make great objective markers for WW2 and Sci-Fi Battlefields.

There are two variants of this model, one with the base and steps and one without the base and steps.  Both come as a single piece model print so when ordering please be careful to choose the one you want, view the comparrison picture to see the difference.

We offer the model in 10mm / 15mm / 20mm / 28mm / 32mm / 40mm scales.  The print layer resolutions for the variants is:-

- 10mm = 70 microns

- 15mm = 100 microns

- 20mm =150 microns

- 28mm / 32mm / 40mm = 200 microns

This model may require construction and is supplied unpainted.

To purchase the .stl file for this product to build it on your own 3D printer visit at: