NEW WEBSITE listing ALL designs to launch soon.

Getting ready to redesign the website

Well the decision has been made and now we are starting work on redesigning the website into a much more attractive, easily usable, more informative, more comprehensive site offering the full range of models as well as other models from other top class designers.  Our aim is to do this by the middle of October.  Yikes!

At the moment the store has proven the concept and along with our eBay shop has produced a great response.  (So much so that even yesterday we received yet another new printer so to add to the ranch of printers we now have - and we are seriously in the process of working out the logistics and feasibility of moving the majority of our printing to another site where it will give us further room to expand.)

So in the meantime please bare with us as we do not expand the range on the current website but work towards the new launch in October.  :)


Chris & Bill