NEW WEBSITE listing ALL designs to launch soon.

Current Lead Time For New Orders is:- 16 days

The 'Lead Time' is the period between an order being placed by the customer and us despatching it for delivery. 

The lead time will be amended on a daily basis as and when required.

Custom Model Print Requests

As gamers as well as 3D printers we are more than aware that often there could be a model other gamers would like printing, examples might be from Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns, or from the nyriad of sites offering 3D print designs.  Well we can print these as well (as long as you have a legitimate right to have them printed by a third party).  To get a quote on the cost for any model please click the link below and fill in the details on the form and we will supply you with a quote. 

IMPORTANT.  Please note that we will need access to the .stl files so as to calculate the costs of the print.

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Shipping - USA, Canada, and RoW

Shipping from the UK out of the EU can become prohibitively expensive, especially for packages over 2 kg in weight.  At first we listed shipping costs for countries outside the EU but it became nightmarish to say the least.  :(

Solution - We would ask prospective customers to send us an email with a list of models (and scales) required and we will work out the shipping costs for the order. 

Please send your email to:

(Please note it is not just weight of a package but also the physical dimensions of the package that affect the cost of shipping.)

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